Struggle with Motivation? It's Not About Willpower

Marga Olivares

Having trouble finding the motivation to work out regularly? You’re not alone—it’s something that even our teachers here at M&F struggle with too. Even fitness professionals and body positivity advocates get that blah feeling about moving, and it doesn’t necessarily go away forever even when you’ve healed your relationship with movement and your body. It’s just a normal part of life!

It’s important to know that when we feel a lack of motivation, it’s not reflective of a lack of willpower. We are not automatically lazy, hopeless, or unfit when we get those feelings of demotivation. It doesn’t mean we’re setting ourselves back or undoing all the progress we’ve made. It just means we’re human, and that we have down days too. If you’ve been experiencing multiple days of feeling demotivated, it might be a sign to step back or seek help. The M&F team is always ready to listen and find solutions to your movement woes! 

While it is beneficial for many to move every day, daily workouts are just not realistic or right for everyone. Firstly, it’s important to know the distinction between movement and a workout or exercise. Movement refers to any form of activity, from walking around the grocery to vacuuming the carpets in your home. Workouts are structured sessions in the gym or in a class with an instructor. You might not be in the mood to lift weights or do yoga, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t get in some movement in your day. Doing something as simple as stretching in between Zoom meetings is already considered movement, and that counts towards feeling good and making healthier habits.

Secondly, you might be feeling demotivated because you’re burned out. Working out every day can be a source of added stress if you work full-time or have a very busy schedule. The kinds of workouts you do can also be too high-intensity or strenuous, causing you to feel like avoiding the workout altogether. You might not be getting enough rest or sleep in between workouts, which can contribute to those feelings of demotivation. Don’t forget to give ample time for recovery (our muscles need up to 72 hours of rest to fully recover) for the types of workouts that you do. As beneficial it is to stay active, we also need days of not doing anything or fully resting to take care of both our mental and physical health. 

Move & Flow classes are scheduled in such a way that you get a balanced movement routine that prevents burn-out and those feelings of demotivation. Learn more about our classes here or visit our Instagram page for more detailed weekly schedules. Our DMs are always open!

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